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Pico Veleta

The 'Institut de Radioastronomie Millimetrique' (IRAM) with headquarters in Grenoble/France operates a 30 meter diameter telescope on Pico Veleta in the Sierra Nevada (Analucia/Southern Spain). The Pico Veleta is located at an altitude of 2920 m about 50 km from Granada. Astronomical observations are performed in between approximately 90-345 GHz. The telescope was already used for atmospheric line observations (e.g. HCN observations (Lautie et al. 2008, in prep).

This plot shows the transmission in percent for values of pwv=1mm (grey), 2mm (red), and 3mm (blue) against frequency/wavelength for a frequency range 0-2000 GHz. The frequency resolution is 200 MHz.

0-2000 GHz

Gzipped ascii-files of data in two-column format. First column: Frequency in GHz, second column: Transmission (to get opacity take -ln(transmission)).
Frequency [GHz] 0-2000 (df=200 MHz)
pwv=1mm iram-0-2000-1
pwv=2mm iram-0-2000-2
pwv=3mm iram-0-2000-3