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Dome A

DOME-A is one of several summits or 'domes' of the Antarctic Ice Sheet at 4093m above sea level.

The following plot shows the transmission of the first decile (10 %, grey) and the three quartiles (25 % red, 50 % blue, 75 % green) of the pwv statistics between 2008 and 2010 extracted from the IASI satellite. 

The left plot shows curves for pwv=0.1mm (grey), 0.2mm (red), and 0.3mm (blue). The right plot shows the transmission in the high-frequency range around the ionized carbon line [CII} at 1.9 THz (158 micron) for DOME-C and DOME-A. All models were calculated for Antarctic winter conditions (temperature and pressure profiles from july).

0-2000 GHz 1860-1930 GHz

Gzipped-ascii-files of data in two-column format. First column: Frequency in GHz, second column: Transmission (to get opacity take -ln(transmission)).
Frequency [GHz] 0-2000 (df=200 MHz)
535-750 (df=50 MHz) 750-950 (df=50 MHz) 950-1110 (df=50 MHz) 1195-1670 (df=200 MHz)
pwv=0.1mm domea-0-2000-01
pwv=0.2mm domea-0-2000-02
pwv=0.3mm domea-0-2000-03
pwv=0.4mm domea-1195-1670-04
pwv=0.5mm domea-1195-1670-05
pwv=0.6mm domea-1195-1670-06
pwv=0.8mm domea-1195-1670-08
pwv=1mm domea-1195-1670-1
gzipped tar-file of pwv=0.4 to 1mm (step 0.1mm): Frequency: domea-1195-1670GHz Wavelength: domea-200micron