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Cerro Chajnantor

The Cornell-Caltech Atacama Telescope is a proposed 25m submm radiotelescope close to the plateau of Chajnantor in Chile. Site testing is underway for Cerro Chajnantor (5612m) and Cerro Sairecabur (5500m). Our models were run for the Cerro Chajnantor site which is the primary candidate site for CCAT.

The following plot shows the transmission of the first decile (10 %, grey) and the three quartiles (25 % red, 50 % blue) of the pwv statistics between 2008 and 2010 extracted from the IASI satellite. 

The left plot shows the transmission in percent for values of pwv=0.1mm (grey), 0.2mm (red), and 0.3mm (blue) against frequency/wavelength for a frequency range 0-2000 GHz. The right plot shows curves for pwv=0.4mm and 0.5mm. The frequency resolution is 200 MHz. The model was calculated for winter conditions (temperature and pressure profiles from july).

0-2000 GHz

Gzipped-ascii-files of data in two-column format. First column: Frequency in GHz, second column: Transmission (to get opacity take -ln(transmission)). The frequency resolution (df) is indicated for each model.
Frequency [GHz] 0-2000 (df=200 MHz) 0-10000 (df=200 MHz) 535-750 (df=50 MHz) 750-950 (df=50 MHz) 950-1110 (df=50 MHz)
pwv=0.1mm ccat-0-2000-01
pwv=0.2mm ccat-0-2000-02 ccat-535-750-02 ccat-750-950-02 ccat-950-1110-02
pwv=0.3mm ccat-0-2000-03
pwv=0.4mm ccat-0-2000-04
pwv=0.5mm ccat-0-2000-05