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We present in this calculation the transmission seen in an altitude of 35000 m, similar to a balloon experiment. For that, we use standard temperature- and pressure profiles for 45 deg. North. An example for a succefull stratospheric balloon-borne experiment is the 2m telescope BLAST (balloon-borne large-aperture submm telscope).

This plots shows the transmission in percent for a pwv=0.19 micron against frequency/wavelength (between 30 and 100 micron). The frequency resolution is 200 MHz.

Gzipped-ascii-files of data in two-column format. First column: Frequency in GHz/Wavelength in micron, second column: Transmission (to get opacity take -ln(transmission)).
Frequency [GHz] 3000-10000 (df=200 MHz)
pwv=0.19 micron balloon.dat
Wavelength [micron] 30-100
pwv=0.19 micron balloon_wave.dat