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Temperature and pressure profiles

We use the following atmospheric vertical profiles of temperature and pressure for the different observatory sites. They are based on a climatology used as a priori for the UARS (Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite) and Odin missions.

monthly average july monthly average july
mean 20-30 S mean 70-80 S

monthly average december yearly average
mean 10-20 S 45 N profile

Vertical Profiles of major and minor atmospheric species

For the determination of the tropospheric transmission with the MOLIERE-5 forward model, we use the following atmospheric vertical profiles of major and minor species. The given volume mixing ratios (VMR) are valid for 45N, the profile of water vapor is scaled depending on geographical location.

More details can be found in J. Urban and D. Lamarre, 2000, Investigation of instrumental parameters: The retrieval of data from sub-mm limb sounding, final report ESTEC Contract No. 11979/97/NL/CN-CCN2, chapter 3, pages 149-209

Profiles of H2O,N2O,NO,O3,CO,SO2 Profiles of NO2,OH,HBr,HNO3,HCl,ClO

Profiles of OCS,HOCl,CH3Cl,H2CO,HCN,H2O2 Profiles of COF2,HOBr,OBrO,HO2,BrO