IPEV/PNRA Logistic

    IPEV (Institut Paul Emile Victor) is the French agency in charge of the logistic of the French Antarctic program. PNRA (Programma Nazionale Ricerche in Antartide) is the corresponding agency in Italy. The two institutes join their force to manage Concordia Base, you can find a google earth map summerizing the different means of transportation just below. 

The connections between Antarctica and Australia/New Zeland are done with pressurized planes: Airbus 319 (Australia), Hercule C130 (Italy), Military Hercule C130 and C17 (USA & NZ)... For the intra-Antarctic connections, light and reliable small planes are used (e.g. Dakota DC3, Twinotter, CASA...) These air connections are mainly used for the people and light materials transportations.

Dakota DC3, ©tremblin
Royal New Zeland Air Force Hercule C130, ©tremblin               

For heavy materials, there is a boat connection thanks to the Astrolabe between Hobart (Tasmania) and the French base Dumont d'Urville. To transport materials to Concordia, a convoy of caterpillars with sleds covers the 1200 km between the coast and Dome C in ten days (usually three times in a summer season, they transport almost 500 tons of materials in total).

Caterpillar convoy, ©tremblin
Astrolabe, ©tremblin                                              

During winters (between february and october) the bases are isolated and the winterover teams live in autarky.